The Sticky Rice Basket by Peter J. Markham

A selection of interesting stories and news events from The Lao People's Democratic Republic & Singapore.

Happy new year? The worlds getting slowly more cheerful

BBC News – Happy new year? The worlds getting slowly more cheerful.

Russia starts clean-up after meteor strike –

Russia starts clean-up after meteor strike –

Malaysia detains Australian senator Nick Xenophon

BBC News – Malaysia detains Australia senator Nick Xenophon.

Opinion: Teach young people to be innovative –

Interesting website on CNN – Teaching Young People to be Innovative.

Opinion: Teach young people to be innovative –

Photographs Coming Soon

Hi all,

Development of the photograph section is coming along well. The first batch of photos will be ready and posted on the site next week.


Using English as a Development Tool in your Country

I was just watching a show on BBC World concerning the development of countries through teaching and using English. I found this show interesting as it gave me some substantial ideas on developing some of my Lao students at Phu Bia Mining and the way they can utilize English in, not only developing themselves, but also focussing on development Of the local environments they live and work in. More details on this will be posted later.

The Big Rain & Xaysomboun District Flooding

Over the last three weeks there has been substantial rain over central Laos. The rain has not only affected central Laos but Vientiane Province and operations at Phu Bia Mining’s, Phu Kham Operations. There was 1,000 mm of rain at Phu Kham Operations over a five day period. Most of the deluge was from the Haima storm that came from Vietnam. The storm also vreated a lot of havoc in Vietname previous to striking central Laos.

There has been infrastructure damage to the ADB9 road leading in and out of Xaysomboun District. Bridges and roads have been severely damaged in some places and copper concentrate production was halted on two occasions at Phu Kham Operations. For further details on happenings at Phu Kham Operations go here:

At the moment I’m finding it difficult to get to Phu Kham Operations as the roads and bridges have yet to be repaired. Therefore, here I sit in wet Vientiane. I’m so eager to get back to work at Phu Kham Operations soon.

More posts later as it comes in.

Flooding at Xayaboury, Laos.


The Beginning of the Sticky Rice Basket

Welcome one and all to the Sticky Rice Basket Blog!

A recent ID photo (not nice)

This site is an online blog of my experiences and musings while living and working in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

It’s been a few years since I had a detailed blog. recently I purchased a new camera (which is very adventurous of me), so, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get started and  develop a proper blog on my own domain site.

Over the next few months there will be numerous postings here with valued photos of the people I teach and my friends. This site will also be a detailed record and resource for my future novel.

Most of all I all be recording the funny happenings and feelings that I experience in this fabulous and culturally rich country. Some of you may be thinking “Why the name “The Sticky Rice Basket”? Well, that’s the next posting where full details will be revealed.

I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to make any comments.